Thursday, November 5, 2009

Credit Interest Down, Mortgage Demand Increasing

Trimming interest hoist the demand for home ownership credit (KPR). Bankers optimistic, the distribution of mortgages will grow rapidly in the fourth quarter. Some banks claim mortgage applications flooded early third quarter.

Mortgage demand surge experienced by one of PT Bank Permata Tbk. "Crawl up from July until now," said Rosalia Abadi, Head Mortgage PT Bank Permata, Wednesday (28/10). Channeling Mortgage Bank Permata has reached Rp 5.5 trillion as of end of September.

Rosalia added, demand began to increase after the Bank Permata cut . "Cutting rates to lure customers to invest in property," he said.

A little story about the mortgage

When you think of mortgages that enable thousands of people to acquire homes every year, you are thinking of the Benchmark Lending group which has provided much needed finances to get new homes or refinance the existing homes to many families for over ten years. They offer tailor made mortgages to suit the needs of customers ensuring that you can afford it. They make this happen by considering the cash flow of every customer. They also consider the repayment period, investment opportunities and your equity plans. The Benchmark lending group was founded by Barney Aldridge in 1995 as a primary mortgage lending bank and it continues to grow. Customers can expect no hassles and there are no middlemen. The headquarters are located in Northern California and their culture is to provide a good service with dedication and passion.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Home clock can be your lucky indeed?

Some people believe it to install the clock on the wall behind the main door, with the assumption that the round or the ticking clock can draw sustenance of Qi or air to flow into the house.

Such beliefs are difficult to explain. The origin of this concept comes from the description Fengsui Symbolic, which uses ticking clock as a symbol of a sustainable life in the house.

The house is often empty or the occupant would go, is feared to be quiet and die, and will improve the quality of Yin / negative energy.

Therefore, the house must be filled by a form of life, and the clock is one of the symbols used in Feng Shui.

Marbella Suites Apartment in Bandung Ready Marketed

Around 70 units of apartments Marbella Suites at Jalan Dago Pakar Center, Bandung regency, West Java, ready for the market. Apartments with 15 floors that offers cool air and the panoramic hills in the area of northern Bandung.

President Director Marbella Group Kosmian after the soft opening Pudjiadi Marbella Suites in Bandung, Wednesday (9 / 9), say, the price of the unit with one bedroom is Rp 400 million, two rooms for USD 700 million, three-bedroom Rp 1 billion, and five rooms for USD 2.5 billion-USD 3 billion.

All units equipped apartment living room. Suites Marbella old building about 18 months. The building was equipped fitness center, restaurant, conference rooms, and swimming pool. Currently, units are already available in one tower, which is Barcelona.

When tempted New Electronics Products

The more variety of electronic products for home appliances with newer features often tickled the hearts and minds to be acquired. Example simple as washing machines, television, or microwave periodically issued an intriguing new invoasi. If you do not want to be called as a consumer, consideration is necessary.

Electronic goods are damaged do not necessarily have to be replaced with new ones. Could have such goods can still be improved, so you need not spend more. Do not hesitate to ask the total cost of the necessary repairs and compare when you buy a new product. If the difference is significant, much cheaper than buying new, of course, better not to buy new.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brain smart with Ginko biloba

When the memory capacity decreases, easily forgotten and hard to concentrate, that
sign has been a decline in brain function. Age factor has a major role in this respect. To overcome this serious and result yanglebih, taking supplements often become the primary choice. In this case the plants or herbs containing Ginko biloba be a promising option for these plants proved to be reliable and improve brain function decline as improved memory and concentration power. Like the existing kasiat in Centella asiatica. Even trusted also able to enhance one's sex.
Ginko Biloba works by the blood flow throughout the body especially the brain and inhibit blood clotting process.

Keeping Healthy Diet Without Hunger!

Another health info for men that women want a diet. Who says a diet must contain his hunger? Diet
healthy and do not mean to starve. For now there are Ready-to-Eat-Meal is practical and keeps you slim while still eating regularly. How? consider the full info here!
There are five factors that could cause a person to become obese is genetic factors, socio-economic, age, hormonal, and disease. Also food intake and activity is also important things that influence one's weight.
To prevent obesity and weight menurukan often people go on a diet. However, these diets often done the wrong way that could endanger health. So, like whether actual healthy diet?

Beware! One makeup, Make Face Looks Old.

Make Up make every woman want to always look young and beautiful. But be careful, error
makeup can actually make you look older than actual age. There's a good idea to know a mistake when dressing up can make you look older so you can avoid it, as follows:

1. The Foundation is too thick, the Foundation is too heavy or too thick makeup is long-abandoned. Because the makeup 'menor' can make someone look older.
2. Foundation does not match the color, base or foundation powder whose color does not match the color of your skin, it can highlight wrinkles on your face. Choose a foundation that resembles your skin color or one older than skin color to disguise wrinkles.
3. Too much concealer under the eyes, As usua increases, the skin under the eyes reduced thickness, providing too much concealer and thick will not make it look very natural. Try to spread it thin and moderation, or applied with a brush. Brushes can more evenly distribute the color, just in the dark under the eyes, do not need the entire eye area.

4. The use of powder in the crease, apply powder around the nose, chin, and upper cheek bone to reduce the visible 'kinclong' due to oil, but avoid using talcum powder in areas that tend to have facial wrinkles. Instead, the powder can be further confirmed wrinkles if applied too thick, because it will be seen cracks in the crease. Do not use powder in the eye area to avoid a pile of broken powder.
5. Blush, cheek Perona can draw attention to the cheek, try to avoid using blush if you have skin that tends to loose in there area. Use blush on the cheekbones, do not be too close to the nose, applied to the top with a large brush over the cheekbones. Avoid dark colors, like maroon or cinnamon brown. Choose a natural color, like pink and can make the makeup look fresh.
6. Lipstick, As people age, lip line will begin to fade as the skin relaxes, it will be difficult to use lipstick. There was a natural lip lines, lipstick get out of the track, would be better if you use a lipliner that lipstick color is not 'a walk' out of the track. Avoid lipstick color is too light, too dark, or metallic. Choose a natural color, like pink roses. Try changing to a sheer gloss lipstick, lip gloss with the color that is nude, that would make lips look more full.
7. Mascara on the lower eyelid, lower eyelid is located close to the crease at the bottom of the outer eye. If you wear mascara on the lower eyelid, you will look older. Use black mascara to the whites of your eyes look whiter. Try using a mascara that does not clot. Before using mascara, always use the eyelash curler to your lashes look more slender, making a fresh appearance.
8. Eyeliner on the bottom eyelid, eyeliner on bottom lid will make your eyes look smaller and draw attention to dark circles under the eyes. Simply use the upper eyelid, and pull the line slightly upwards at the outer end of the eye (like a cat's eye).
9. Outside sparkling eyeshadow eyelid, Stay away from the sparkling eyeshadow on outer lid, because it will show more wrinkles around the eyes. Just use shimme.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be careful, Bathroom Shower Water Under the Dangerous For Health

Bath, body cleaning activities were not fully effective to clean the body from germs. According to scientists, wash your body every day under the shower faucet, bad for health because it can transmit many harmful germs to the face and lungs. Researchers in the United States found that the shower faucet is very dirty can develop a number of bacteria and when the water emanating from the shower faucet, then the bacteria will also be accompanied.
Microbes, which breed naturally in the environment warm and humid will concentrate on the shower faucet 100 times more than normal levels. This can cause a person to experience respiratory symptoms such as tiredness, dry cough and other common illness. Even in their old age and fragile could end up with lung infection.

From the results of the analysis of the 50 taps Shower unknown 9 U.S. cities as much as 30 percent of shower faucets contain mycobacterium avium, which is a group of bacteria that can cause infection of the lungs when inhaled or swallowed. Researchers from the universities of the University of Colorado, Boulder found mycobacterium avium levels 100 times higher than normal water in houses in general.

"If your washing his face when first turned on the shower faucet, it just means you're washing the bacteria mycobacterium avium in charge of many, where the bacteria was not healthy," said the researchers, Professor Norman Pace said in a statement.

According to Norman, the inside of the shower faucet to provide a damp shelter, warm and dark for the bacteria. Water is gushing out of the shower faucet can spread droplets of water which is rich in content that previously germs survive in the air. These germs can then be easily inhaled into the lungs most deeply.

The findings, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is, supports previous studies which revealed that the increased disease lung infection in the world could be due to the use of shower faucets have also increased.

To prevent the outbreak of the bacteria in the body, the researchers suggested that the shower faucet replace once every month. Out of the bathroom just after you turn on the shower is also effective in reducing your chances of inhaling germs that pushed out as the water gushing shower first.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Award ..

A collection of my Award, thank you to my friends who have given their trust by giving me this Award.

Award from Andreas

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Easy Steps Caring for Skin Health

When the skin looks pimply face and appear black stains, you certainly try all the way to removed it. But you know, it is a natural form of treatment for the skin problems you face.
Since first epoch, the nation of Egypt has to know the benefits of honey as antibakteri and use it for skin care. One of the ingredients is simple nutritious naturally clean the skin, decrease pore-pore, reduce excess oil, and prevent wrinkling in the face.

4 Follow the steps below to get a facial skin clean and bright >> 1.Make sure you buy 100% pure honey for best results! When buying, see honey label on the bottle carefully before deciding where the honeymoon will be selected.

2.Use a warm towel to wash the entire surface of your face. This aims to open the pore-pore face you. Take a little honey with the tip of your finger, and oleskan in the face. Slowly rubbing honey on your face with circular movements. Make sure both your hands clean when making massage.

3.For best results leave the honey on the face for 10 minutes. That honey can be absorbed into the pore-pore and kill the bacteria.

4.clean your face with warm water, and end with the cold water to close the pore-pore face. Repeat steps 2 - 4 each day, as long as you want the skin of the face clean and bright.


An honest and intimate look at the complexities of grief and healing, Motherland is about resilience, triumph of the human spirit and the power of unconditional love. It also reminds us of the vastly different ways in which disparate cultures confront deeply felt personal challenges.

Each year over eight million families around the world suffer the loss of a child. In Jennifer Steinman’s moving and inspiring documentary film, a 17-day trip to South Africa transforms the lives of six grieving women from across the US. Unexpectedly and eight thousand miles from home, each finds comfort and healing in a landscape that appears, at first, to offer little more than melancholy.

Prior to their journey, the six intrepid women featured in the film have each suffered the death of a child but otherwise have little in common. And although the anticipation of a long, emotional journey with a group of strangers evokes anxiety, the women all share a desire to make sense of their tragedies and to move forward with their lives...
Debbi works as a paramedic in a rural Northern California town. Her son Garrett was hit by a drunk driver on the side of a highway while waiting for his car to be towed.

Mary Helena, an African-American actress and storyteller from urban Wisconsin, suffered a debilitating stroke less than a year after her son Aaron was killed in a triple-homicide.

Anne is married to an advertising executive in San Francisco and works as a volunteer for a local children’s charity. Her daughter Grace died of suicide at the age of 15.

Kathy, a suburban mom from Santa Rosa, California, works in a hospital emergency room. Her husband is a local police officer. Their son Mike died in a motorcycle accident.

Barbara, a nursing student from the small town of Dixon, California, is struggling with her impending divorce. Her marriage began to unravel after her son Jason died in a head-on collision.

Lauren is a 22-year old student from Oakland, California, and the youngest member of the group. Her older brother, Teveston, was killed by angry gang members who retaliated when he refused to join.

These six remarkable women travel half way around the world where they live with local families and work with African organizations dedicated to improving the lives of children. As they come to know each other, they assist teachers in over-crowded day care centers, lead activities with abused and at-risk teens and help care for physically-challenged youth. The work is meaningful and rewarding and a welcome reprieve from the depression, isolation and stagnation of life at home. In the end, the women share not just their stories and their pain but themselves – with and for each other and even more profoundly, with the children who touch their hearts at every turn.

Motherland was the winner of the 2009 Emerging Visions Audience Award at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival. Its other awards include the Jury Prize for Best Feature at the 2009 Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival and Best Documentary at the 2009 California Independent Film Festival.

Director: Jennifer Steinman
Theatrical Release: Aug 26, 2009

Wise Concetti Ltd


Company Description
WISE-CONCETTI JVC. is a joint-venture company between WISE SERTECH, Inc. (, one of the leading localization service providers in Korea, and the CONCETTI group (), one of the top 3 Vietnamese total consulting service providers in management consulting and technology transfer & investment consulting.

Urgently Required:
Now we are looking for a dynamic and highly motivated people to be a part of our team for our new representative office in Jakarta. Our working environment offers opportunities for people to grow and develop, enabling you to thrive and achieve your maximum potential in some following positions:

Indonesia, Jakarta JobTitle:
Junior Linguists (JTR)

The Linguist translates source texts into the target language (English into Indonesian vice versa, usually mother-tongue language) and adapts the texts to meet local requirements. Tasks include editing, proofing and fixing final layout after Desk-Top publishing until the text meets set quality standards. The job involves communicating with end-user clients and internal and external teams on scope, quality, process, problem solving and status reporting.

• Translating, editing and proofreading from English into Bahasa Indonesia vice versa.
• His/her project related to the schedule, budget and quality. So he/she will deliver the deliverable to clients with quality in time.
• Should be able to express a source language in the target language appropriately. Those who majored in corresponding industries and those with experience are preferred
• Providing technical and linguistic support to partner companies and freelancers, assuring the quality of their translations as well as file analysis, scheduling and planning of localization projects.
• Maintaining file management and glossary management after project management
• Arranging translation of large volumes of material and ensuring strict deadlines are met.
• Review the texts in line with the client’s guidelines and as such you will be responsible for quality assurance, consistency and terminology management.
• Responsibility for the profitability of these accounts so you must be commercially aware, with exacting standards, strong linguistic methodology, strong account management skills and good attention to detail.
• To keep strictly confidential all Confidential Information of the Client and not to use it in any way whatsoever save as may be necessary for the provision of the Services

Required Qualifications:
• BA of English and IT experiences is mandatory
• BA or MA in computer science or in English language countries is preferred.
• Experienced in translating texts from English into Bahasa Indonesia vice versa, as well as editing and proofreading experience for minimum 1 years
• Fluency in reading, written and oral capability of English and Indonesian
• Translation skills and methodologies
• Terminology management and research skills
• Excellent computer skills – working knowledge of several applications, platforms, hardware and internet technologies
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Detailed and service minded, and aware in cultural issues
• Ability to self-manage – time, schedules, multiple task activity requirements
• Ability to work under continual deadline constraints and a keen eye for detail
• Ability to use various localization tools like Trados, Catalyst, Hellium, Locstudio, is preferred
• Ability to work well with others
• Willing to be located in Jakarta

Salary plus allowances, incentive, medical, insurance.
We will offer a unique opportunity for career development, outstanding benefits package, training and a great working environment that supports your development and recognizes your achievement.

Please submit your completed resume or curriculum vitae, contact number not more than 2 (two) weeks after this advertisement, fresh graduate are welcomed to apply. Please indicate the position code in the subject of your email to:
Wise Concetti Ltd.
Menara Prima
2nd Floor – Unit J
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Blok 6.2
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi
Jakarta Selatan 12950

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nokia Surge

We've known about Nokia's so-called Surge for months now, but at long last, AT&T has done its duty by making things official and giving us a price and release date to consider. The Symbian S60-based smartphone is aimed squarely at social media freaks, boasting a full QWERTY keyboard, a browser with Flash support (imagine that, right?), a pre-installed JuiceCaster app for easily updating your Facebook / Twitter status and a price tag that's sure to turn heads. For just $79.99 after rebate, you'll also get a 2 megapixel camera, AT&T Navigator, AT&T Video Share and the pleasure of handing over at least $30 per month for a required data plan (if you want the $50 rebate, anyway). If you're sold already, you can get yours on July 19th.

2G GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G HSDPA 850 / 1900
Dimensi : 97.5 x 57.9 x 15.5 mm, 78.5 cc
Display : 2.4 inch, tipe TFT, warna 16M, resolusi 320 x 240 pixel
Fitur :
Full QWERTY keyboard
Polyphonic, MP3 ringtones
2.5 mm audio jack
Memory : Internal 128 MB, slot microSD (TransFlash) 8 GB
Data :
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
Bluetooth v2.0 dengan A2DP
USB v2.0 microUSB
Camera : 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, Video QVGA
OS : Symbian OS, S60 rel. 3.2
Fitur : SMS, MMS, Email, IM
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML
Radio Stereo FM radio with RDS
A-GPS, AT&T Navigator
Java MIDP 2.1
MPEG4/3GP player
MP3/WAV/AAC player
Quickoffice, PDF Reader
Voice memo
Color: Black
battery : Standard Li-Ion 1500 mAh (BP-4L), Stand-by 400 jam (2G) / 400 jam (3G), Talk time 4 jam 50 menit (2G) / 4 jam (3G)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

PT. Mitrais

PT. Mitrais, Indonesia leading Software Development invites all IT related graduates into Mitrais Recruitment Roadshow in Surabaya on 29th August 2009.
Please check details information below or visit our careers page website at

Surabaya – Hotel Santika
Jl. Pandegiling No. 45 Surabaya, Bromo Meeting Room 2nd Floor,
Phone : +62 31 5667707
1. Saturday, 29th August 2009
Schedule :
Registration (09:00 - 09:30)
Company Presentation & Technical Test (Written) (09:30 - 12:00)
2. Sunday, 30th August 2009
Schedule :
Interview for successful candidates only (9:00 – Finish)

Submit your application online to

Please bring your comprehensive resume, recent photographs, academic transcript, certificates and a copy of your ID card on the day of the road show.

The induction program starts on 19th October 2009. Airfares to Bali and assistance with accommodation are provided.

About Mitrais: MITRAIS is Indonesia leading Software Development focused on the International Market with more than 200 developers located in Bali.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, whose previous collaboration was the worldwide blockbuster “TRANSFORMERS,” join forces with Spyglass Entertainment for another extraordinary action-adventure “G.I.... Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, whose previous collaboration was the worldwide blockbuster “TRANSFORMERS,” join forces with Spyglass Entertainment for another extraordinary action-adventure “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.” From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite G.I. JOE team uses the latest in next-generation spy and military equipment to fight the corrupt arms dealer Destro and the growing threat of the mysterious Cobra organization to prevent them from plunging the world into chaos. “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” is directed by Stephen Sommers
Starring: Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Marlon Wayans, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ray Park, Christopher Eccleston, Brendan Fraser, Rachel Nichols, Jonathan Pryce, Arnold Vosloo, Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje, Said Taghmaoui, Karolina Kurkova, Byung-hun Lee

Director: Stephen Sommers
Screenwriter: Stuart Beattie
Story: Stephen Sommers
Producer: Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Bob Ducsay, Brian Goldner
Composer: Alan Silvestri
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Genre: Action/Adventure
Theatrical Release:Aug 7, 2009 Wide

Friday, July 31, 2009

Microsoft's MSN Video: Now everyone's playing catch-up

The launch of the BBC’s iPlayer catch-up television service in late 2007 has changed the way we view video on the internet. Web users who were used to watching short clips on sites such as YouTube could finally enjoy full-length episodes of their favourite television shows up to seven days after they were first broadcast. It put viewers in charge of their TV schedule, and pushed the whole idea of “on-demand” broadcasting into the public consciousness.

Fast forward two years and new lines are being drawn in the sand for a fresh battle in web TV. Since the demise of Project Kangaroo – which was designed to be a one-stop shop for catch-up television services, but fell foul of the Competition Commission – major broadcasters, including the BBC and ITV, have been exploring new ways of delivering branded content through one platform.

In the United States, Hulu offers a similar kind of “television portal”, aggregating content from several broadcasters and allowing people to watch their favourite shows online, on demand. Hulu is in advanced talks to launch its service this side of the Atlantic.

So it’s no surprise that traditional technology companies are looking at new ways to get involved with video on-demand.

Microsoft, better known for its computer operating systems and Xbox 360 video games consoles, is launching a new online TV player, which will allow web users to watch full-length episodes of old television shows on their computer, for free. Among shows you can expect to see are: Shameless, The Young Ones, Peep Show, League of Gentleman, Hustle, Harry Enfield’s TV Show, How to Look Good Naked, and Derren Brown Mind Control.

The service, called MSN Video, is being pioneered by Ashley Highfield, vice-president of consumer and online services at Microsoft – and the former BBC executive who helped to launch the iPlayer.

Highfield says that around 300 hours of programming will be available when the site goes live within the next week, with shows drawn from the BBC’s archives and the back catalogue of a major independent producer, All3Media. The site will be in beta, or “testing”, for around six months, before gearing up for a full-scale launch. At that point, Highfield hopes to have other broadcasters on board, including ITV and Channel 4.

“We want to be a one-stop shop for the best British content – the ultimate aggregator,” he explains.

The deal Microsoft has struck with the BBC does not clash with anything the iPlayer offers – for instance, you could watch the first two series of Hustle on MSN Video, but only view the most recent episodes on iPlayer. The shows are free because they contain advertisements, before and after each episode, and in the middle. Microsoft is confident consumers will not find this annoying because they realise there is a “value exchange” – in other words, if you know you are getting something free, you will tolerate ads.

But why do people need a “one-stop” shop for TV content online, when individual broadcasters already offer their own on-demand platforms, such as 4oD and iPlayer?

Highfield argues that there is room for both “aggregators”, like Microsoft, who draw together content from multiple sources, and the broadcasters themselves. “You will always get some people who want to visit the host websites because they love the 360 degree experience and to be fully immersed in a show’s environment,” he says. “However, there will be others who want to get everything in one place.”

Highfield wants to put some “clear blue water” between MSN Video and “all other web TV offerings out there”. That could be easier said than done, though. He acknowledges that seeming “cool” can make or break new web products. Hulu, which has had success in the US with its quirky advertising, clever branding, and huge library of television shows, could provide stiff competition when it launches in the UK.

Microsoft, though, is confident that its vast reach, and presence on a variety of platforms, including email, instant-messaging, web browsing and search, will make the new video site a success. The company is also striving to make the site as easy to use as possible.

“We are really proud of the user interface,” says Rob Crossen, business manager for MSN Video. “It’s really simple, which makes it a more televisual experience.”

Creating a “televisual experience” will be important for Microsoft. Highfield says he is already thinking about how the player could be rolled out across Microsoft’s Xbox 360 games console, its Windows Mobile range of phones, and even piped directly to your TV via internet-enabled televisions.

In time, and with enough broadcasters on board, the portal could become a hub for web TV.

Emma Barnett, Technology and Digital Media Correspondent

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swine flu alert for pregnant women

Expectant mothers will be urged to avoid unnecessary journeys and crowds, with experts suggesting that they do not travel on trains and the London Underground at peak times.

Parents will be advised to keep babies away from crowds, while pregnant women will also be encouraged to limit the movements of their other children, so they do not bring the virus home.

The warnings come amid increasing concern that pregnant women and young children are among the groups most at risk from swine flu.

So far, more than 650 people have been taken to hospital with the virus in England, including more than 200 children. Under-fives have been three times more likely than older patients to be taken to hospital. In Scotland, 44 people have been taken to hospital, while 11 have been treated in Welsh hospitals. At least 146 cases have been recorded in Ireland.

Officially, there have been 29 British deaths involving swine flu, including four children and two mothers who died shortly after giving birth.

All except one – six-year-old Chloe Buckley, who died 10 days ago in west London — were known to have been suffering from underlying health problems.

Pregnant women are at increased risk of contracting any infection because their immunity is suppressed to ensure that their body does not reject their baby.

Experts believe that most cases of swine flu would not harm the mother or foetus, but rare cases could lead to premature labour or miscarriage or cause birth defects.

In Australia, where 11 expectant women with swine flu are in intensive care, pregnant women have been urged to stay at home when possible, and to wear face masks when they do go out.

Mask-wearing is not part of Britain’s strategy because it is thought to do little to reduce the spread of disease and encourages complacency against more useful measures, such as regular hand-washing.

The new guidance, to be published on the National Health Service website,, and circulated via parenting forums, will alert parents and pregnant women to recommendations that have been drawn up by the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Senior figures from both organisations said that while significant changes in lifestyle, to avoid crowds and public transport, might not be realistic for all pregnant women and parents with babies, individuals should be made aware of the risks.

Sue Macdonald, from the Royal College of Midwives, said: “Pregnant women have got a strong instinct to protect their baby, but we have to be realistic about the kinds of adjustments people can make. If they normally have to travel on the Tube or on crowded trains in rush hour they might be better to come in later or earlier, but of course it is difficult to avoid crowds entirely. This is about being sensible and being aware of the risks."

The advice states that the simplest way to reduce the risk of contracting swine flu is regular hand-washing, especially after journeys

In separate guidance, pregnant GPs and community nurses have been told that they should not see patients with suspected swine flu.

The Government has decided against advising women to delay pregnancy until the swine flu pandemic has passed, even though such a recommendation was contained in previous plans.

The number of people off work with symptoms of flu more than doubled last week, according to figures compiled for The Sunday Telegraph. On Friday , about 177,000 people were absent with flu-like symptoms, compared with 80,000 the week before.

Aaron Ross, the chief executive of FirstCare, an absence management company that carried out the survey of 1,000 companies, said businesses should offer home working to staff who are most vulnerable to swine flu.

laura telegraph

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Award Lagi Dari Andy

Ini adalah award dari andy gokil sekali selama2nya baru bisa posting sekarang huhuhuhu

Put these awards into your blog
1. Tag 2 millions or 400 millions bloggers
2. Links those friends
3. Tell them about these awards
4. Share this links to others and to whom these awards tag

1. Five things found in my bag:

2. Five things found in my purse:

3. Five favourite things in my room:
waduw penting ga si... yang pasti laptop

4. Five things I always wanted to do:
dapetin pekerjaan secepatnya...

5. Five things I currently into:
apa artinya ya?iya ya ndi apa artinya

6. The person who inspired you now is:
Bokap ma Nyokap

7. Punya handphone?

8. Merk + tipe handphone?
nokia E63

9. Choice: Banyak terisi untuk apa memorinya? biasa aja kek hape2 lainnya

10. Ada fitur koneksi Bluetooth?
ya adalah ....

Yang mendapatkan award ini adalah.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Batas Pengiriman : 15 Juli 2009

Responsibilities :
Responsible for accurate and smooth flow of the entire processing operation from receiving, scaling, drying, seed conditioning, packing and cartooning which is conforming which is conforming with the standard operation and procedure.

Requirements :
- Male, min.22 years old
- Minimum Hold Bachelor (D3) Degree in Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
- Has minimum 2 years of experience in similar position, preferable in Hybrid Seed Corn Industry
- Has good leadership and supervisory skill, high motivation, good analytical thinking and able to work under pressure
- Has good communication in English both oral and written
- Willing to be posted in all plant location

Responsibilities :
- Coordinate the plant activities and labor for efficient utilization of resources
- Coordinate with the other shift to facilitate smooth transition and effective information exchange
- Provide lesdership for plant employees on second and third shifts
- Coordinaate activities between plant areas to assure cooperation and efficient labor usage
- Provide assistance with maintenance when maintenance staff is not on job

Requirements :
- Male, min.22 years old
- Minimum University Degree (D3) all program study
- Has minimum 1 year of experience in similar position.
- Computer skill (MS Word, MS Excel)
- Understand basic Agricultural
- Leadership and management ability
- Ability to delegate responsibility
- Strong people skills
- High level of integrity

All applications will be treated in strictly confidential.
Please submit your application, the latest Curiculum Vitae and a recent photograph not later than JULY 15th, 2009 :

Or E-mail to :

Monday, June 22, 2009

Music could be used to treat heart attack and stroke victims, claim scientists

Music may be used to treat heart attack and stroke victims after Italian scientists found it can affect blood pressure.

Researchers found that music with faster tempos increased blood pressure and heart rate, whereas slower music reduced them. The same affect was also achieved by slowly changing the volume of the music.

By combining slow and fast music it was possible to control the cardiovascular system and eventually help its rehabilitation.

The findings were reported in the Journal of the American Heart Association by Professor Luciano Bernardi at the University of Pavia, in Italy.

They found that swelling crescendos induced moderate arousal while the lowering volume of decrescendos induce relaxation.

When the music was paused, breathing, heart rate and blood pressure decreased, sometimes below the beginning rate. Slower music caused declines in heart rates.

Study participants were fitted with headphones and were attached to electrocardiogram (ECG) and monitors to measure blood pressure, cerebral artery flow, respiration and narrowing of blood vessels on the skin.

PT Mitra Saruta Indonesia

Nama Perusahaan : PT Mitra Saruta Indonesia
Judul Lowongan : PT Mitra Saruta Indonesia
Posisi : Management Representative Staff, Administrasi Produksi, Staff General Affair, Staff Logistik
Batas Pengiriman : 24 Juni 2009
Sebuah perusahaan Textile berorientasi export,berlokasi di gresik, membutuhkan beberapa kandidat :

Management Representative Staff (kode: MR)
• Minimal lulus S1 Teknik, menguasai Statistik, memahami proses ISO

Administrasi Produksi (kode: AP)
• Wanita, usia maksimal 30 tahun, minimal lulus D3, bersedia & mampu menghadapi tekanan kerja, rajin & rapi dalam bekerja

Staff General Affair (kode: GA)
• Minimal D3 Kimia/Lingkungan, Usia maksimal 35 tahun, memahami proses analisa kimia, mampu bekerjasama, mampu menghadapi tekanan kerja

Staff Logistik (kode: LG)
• Minimal lulus D3,Punya pengalaman dalam bidang logistik

Jika, ANDA memenuhi kwalifikasi di atas, harap mengirimkan Lamaran & CV Lengkap ke:

Jpc Brawijaya

Saturday, June 20, 2009

British travellers refuse to part with pampered pets

Bookings from Britons wanting to holiday with their dogs are up by 150 per cent at Best Western hotels.

The hotel group, which has won awards for its pet friendliness, offers customised dog-beds (complete with dog treat on the pillow) as well as fine dining canine-menu (which include "leash and potato soup" and "prawn dogtail"). The group’s Monkbar hotel, in York, has walks which have been especially devised for dogs depending on whether they have short, medium or long legs, while the Dower House hotel offers rooms with direct access to the gardens.

“There’s been a huge uptake of rooms by dog owners and their pets in the past 12 months,” said Chris Webb, a Best Western spokesman. “In order to accommodate this increase we are investing in lots of new features to make sure our guests, and their four-legged best friends, are well catered for,” he added.

Next month sees the launch of Pet Airways, an airline for pets only, which will fly dogs and cats between five US cities that include New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Pets will travel in a specially adapted Beechcraft 1900 aircraft that has been designed to accommodate 50 average sized animals, two pilots and one pet attendant.

In Britain, the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) currently allows pets entering or returning the country to pass freely without having to undergo the usual six-month quarantine period.

“Dogs love a change of scenery just like anyone else so we are very pleased that dog-owners are increasingly choosing to holiday with their canine chums,” said Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of Dogs Trust, a dog-welfare charity. “Boarding kennels are not necessarily ideal for every pet and some, like the very old, very timid, or animals that have spent time in a Rehoming Centre may find it a stressful experience and, where possible, would be far happier joining you on your break.” she addded.

In 2006, Avolus, a charter transport company, introduced a loyalty card that enables pets to travel the world by private jet, while Virgin Atlantic currently offers frequent flier schemes for pets.

The value of the worldwide pet market is estimated to be in excess of £4bn.

Kucing Mati

Mau sedikit cerita nih kenapa yah akhir-akhir ini, banyak sekali menemukan kucing mati dijalan .. mana serem lagi liatnya, menurut orang jawa sih katanya kalo misalnya kita nabrak kucing sampai mati, kalo ndak dikuburin kita akan mendapat celaka, iyakah?tapi kok banyak kucing mati dijalanan dibiarkan begitu aja sama sang penabrak yah??
Masalahnya karena keseringan liat kucing mati dijalanan jadi ngeri sendiri beberapa hari yang lalu ga sengaja liat kucing kegiles truck didepan mata trus beberapa hari kemudian lihat lagi anak kucing yang ketabrak motor selamat dan akhirnya ketabrak mobil mati juga,huh sebenarnya malas untuk mengingatnya tapi semakin dipendam semakin banyak kejadian-kejadian tentang kucing mati.
Jadi bertanya-tanya apakah saking banyaknya populasi kucing sehingga banyak kejadian kucing mati dijalan,secara sekali beranak kan kucing se enggak-enggaknya lebih dari 2, jujur saja sebenarnya aku ga begitu suka kucing sih,tapi karena kejadian yang sering aku lihat aku jadi kecian sama kucing.
Huaaaah males banget kena teror kucing mati akhir ini adakah temen-temen pernah mengalamin teror kucing mati seperti aku ??? huwwwwwwwaaaa .....

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Apple iPhone 3G S vs the Nokia N97: battle of the smartphones

Nokia must be cursing its luck; the launch of its new flagship handset has been overshadowed by Apple’s latest gadget, the iPhone 3G S.

In truth, the two devices are poles apart: the N97 is the telecoms equivalent of that solid, dependable Scandinavian icon, the Volvo, while the iPhone is sleek, sexy Ferrari.

Price appears to be the one major issue that could prevent people plumping for Apple’s turbocharged new iPhone. O2 is refusing to let existing iPhone owners upgrade without finishing their contract, a decision that drew the ire of the blogosphere. The iPhone 3G S will set you back at least £175, plus a new 18-month contract starting from a minimum of about £30 per month.

The N97, by contrast, will be available for free on most networks, but in many ways it feels like the ugly duckling to the iPhone’s swan. While the kick-slide design, giving the option of a Qwerty keyboard and touch-screen interface, will appeal to some, to others it smacks of imperfection; there should be no need for a physical keyboard if the virtual one is any cop.

The 5-megapixel camera, though, is largely a delight to use, while the cavernous 32GB capacity means the N97 can double as a media player, particularly as it is capable of streaming and storing TV shows from BBC iPlayer. Its Live Widget homescreen is a fantastic invention, producing a screen that will tell you, at a glance, whether you’ve received any new text, emails or Facebook messages, the latest score for your favourite team, the news headlines or local weather report. The Live Widgets can be personalised and run, well, live on the homescreen so you will see things in real-time.

The iPhone 3G S, on the other hand, boasts only a 3-megapixel camera, but users will finally be able to record video. The nippier processor makes applications, programs and web pages much faster to load, while the device-wide search makes it feel even more like a pocket computer. Of course, the iPhone is all about the apps, and that’s why, despite being undone in many hardware areas by the N97, the iPhone remains the best device around. There are more than 50,000 applications to choose from, with more being added every day.

So which device should you go for? If money is no object and you covet style and flair, the iPhone 3G S is the smart choice. The App Store, faster processor, video-recording capabilities and search functions make this a compelling choice. But if you favour quiet efficiency, choice and flexibility, the Nokia N97 is a safe bet; solidly built, logically designed, and with a fantastic live homescreen, it will appeal to many consumers, too.

By Claudine Beaumont

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pre-Raphaelite art: the paintings that obsessed the Victorians

In 1849, a radical group of artists calling themselves the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, led by John Everett Millais, William Holman Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, took the British art world by storm. In that same year, John William Waterhouse, the artist who would go on to represent the culmination of the Pre-Raphaelite movement, was born.

This month, exactly 160 years on, The Royal Academy in London is mounting the first substantial exhibition of Waterhouse’s work since his death in 1917. And, in what promises to be a bumper summer for Pre-Raphaelitism, the BBC is showing two new series dedicated to Millais, Hunt and Rossetti.Waterhouse’s work has enormous popular appeal (his painting of The Lady of Shalott has for many years been Tate Britain’s best-selling postcard) and the recent high sales prices achieved (this month, Christie’s sold his sketch for The Magic Circle for £40,850; in April his Miranda fetched $746,500 in New York). But the absence of a major Waterhouse show until now reminds us how, somewhere along the way, Pre-Raphaelite art fell dramatically out of favour with the critical establishment. Set in mythical or literary pasts, populated by doomed lovers and femmes fatales, these sumptuous paintings were dismissed as irrelevant early in the 20th century, when modernism and Dadaism cut art free from representation.

One painting on show in the RA serves as a particularly eloquent illustration of the depths to which the artistic reputation of Waterhouse, and the PRB as a whole, once sank. In 1905, at the height of his fame, Waterhouse painted Lamia, based on the Greek myth of a snakelike woman who would mesmerise men before sucking away their lifeblood. The picture, imbued with a dreamlike atmosphere typical of Pre-Raphaelite art, was immediately snapped up by the reputable collector Sir Alexander Henderson. Just 37 years later, the picture re-emerged for auction at Christie’s – only this time, the painter’s currency had crashed, his subject matter so far out of fashion that it was sold for a paltry 32 guineas as an unattributed painting of “A maiden kneeling before a knight…”.

How had things got to this point? It was the largely Franco-centric tastemakers of the early 20th century who stuck the knife in. Though the leading critic of the 19th century, John Ruskin, endorsed Pre-Raphaelitism as “a school of art nobler than the world has seen for 300 years”, his successor, the Bloomsbury-ite Roger Fry, dismissed the PRB as parochial, illustrative failures who dealt in “archaistic bric-à-brac”.

For many years since, Fry’s criticisms have stuck: Pre-Raphaelite art still carries a whiff of fustiness. Can this summer’s bonanza finally restore these works to their rightful position among the great – and ground-breaking – British contributions to the history of art? Those who consider shock value to be an important mark of artistic innovation should not forget that, in their day, the PRB caused as great a sensation as the modern painters who succeeded them. They introduced a heightened realism, in which every particularity of the natural world was minutely displayed. They began painting outdoors a decade before the Impressionists and depicted the human form without idealising it. Their work was a departure from the paintings in the grand style that had dominated British art, paintings which, imitative of Raphael, had presented the Victorian public with idealised figures set in whimsical landscapes.

Taking their inspiration from those medieval artists who preceded Raphael, pictures like Millais’ Christ in the House of His Parents, painted in 1850, claimed to return truth to art by imagining Christ not as a cherubic messiah but as a skinny, poor child with dirty toe nails and grubby clothes, living in a meagre carpenter’s shop painted with such democratic attention to detail that even the wood shavings on the floor were given the artist’s full attention.

This alternative, non-idealised image of Christ so horrified Charles Dickens that he lambasted Millais in his magazine Household Words, telling him that “wherever it is possible to express the ugliness of feature, limb or attitude, you have expressed it”.

Thirty-five years later, Waterhouse reinvented the classical world in a similar kind of imaginative high definition. His St Eulalia (left, middle), pioneering in its archaeological accuracy, depicted with terrible matter-of-factness the half-naked corpse of an adolescent Christian martyr, lying among vermin pigeons in some wintry municipal corner.

If we need reminding of the revolutionary aspects of Waterhouse and the Pre-Raphaelites, there are other elements of their work that need no translation for today’s viewer. Sex, death, obsession, betrayal and human frailty are what these pictures are really about.

Take a look, for example, at the peculiar eroticism of Eulalia’s alabaster torso lying in snow. Waterhouse rams this in our face with a strange foreshortening of her body that amplifies its sense of its proximity to us. Once you take this on board, you no longer need worry about the relevance of a classical scene in the 21st century; the death and sex will do just fine. Waterhouse repeatedly plundered myth for stories that would allow him to paint pictures of women, entranced, almost orgasmic, as they move towards either their own demise or that of their male prey. As with Lamia, The Lady of Shalott, floating open-mouthed to her doom, and Ophelia, heading for her watery grave, all got multiple treatments.

The great surrealist, Salvador Dali, for whom sex and death were bread and butter, never mistook the profound psychological intensity in Pre-Raphaelite art for sentimentality – as some have. He greatly admired Millais’ Ophelia, from 1852. Dressed up in Shakespearean reference, it is nevertheless the depiction of a woman committing suicide and an exploration of female sexuality.

Ophelia is ecstatic at the moment her life expires. The sexual charge in the picture is heightened by the abundant, competing natural world of the river bank that, portrayed with almost photographic faithfulness, surrounds this woman not only resigned to but aroused by her fate. The depiction of an offering to a greater natural order, Ophelia remains the masterpiece at the heart of Pre-Raphaelitism.

Waterhouse, on seeing the picture exhibited in 1886, was inspired to paint his Lady of Shalott. Drawn from Tennyson’s poem, a mythical lady, cursed never to look out of her window, chooses to sacrifice her life for a glimpse of Lancelot and then float to Camelot in a barge to face her doom.

In an allegory of sexual longing and capitulation, Waterhouse freezes Tennyson’s story at the moment the lady is about to release the chain that ties her barge. And so he anticipates the abandonment of the rational self to subconscious sexual impulses.

The new Royal Academy Waterhouse exhibition follows in the wake of a popular William Holman Hunt show in Manchester last year and Tate Britain’s blockbuster Millais show the year before. After years in the wilderness, the Pre-Raphaelites are again in the spotlight, and quite rightly. It’s not just for the seductive prettiness of their pictures that these artists should be commended. It’s their enduring insight into the human condition that makes them truly great.

By Franny Moyle
Published: 5:23PM BST 17 Jun 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Space Invaders for iPhone Review

Space Invaders is over 30 years old now if you can believe it, and still ranks as the number one arcade game of all-time, and likely will for all-time, unless arcades make a miraculous comeback around the globe.

The first thing that strikes is that this game has not been modified or upgraded. The original game, more or less, has been offered on the iPhone. This is surprising considering the fact that even classics like Pac-Man and Tetris have been modified to include new modes. The game does not have even a save mode. Every time you shut the game, you have to start all over again. This is really surprising as save mode is considered a fundamental part of all games. Further, the game is, like original arcade games, very tough to master and the controls too are not the best that you can find on an iPhone. What is Space Invaders all about? You have a laser at the bottom of your screen. The aliens are out to get you and can be found in the middle of the screen. They slowly advance on you and your job is to make the laser and the aliens meet. Once these creatures are shot and blasted, the remaining creatures increase their speed and killing them becomes difficult. The sound effects of the game, at this stage, will give you are an adrenaline rush that you can never forget. Along with the increase in the speed, the alien begin firing at you and you are forced to take cover under bunkers. However, this cannot be done for long as the bunkers are soon obliterated by the alien firing.

Once a level is completed a new one begins, slightly more difficult than the last. Like most early arcade games, Space Invaders can theoretically be played indefinitely, with your score being the only real indicator of success or failure. The lack of an online leaderboard for posting scores, given the importance of scores in the game is highly disappointing. Space Invaders is extremely challenging at later levels, but also becomes highly repetitive after awhile, a hallmark of older games.

It must be noted that there is one area where Space Invaders has not changed even one bit. The graphics and sounds department is practically the same that was used in the arcade versions. Except for the option of colorful aliens to blast and upgraded backgrounds, everything else remains the same. If you are hoping to scare your girlfriend with the aliens, you are in for a disappointment. The aliens look like crabs and bats and are not even remotely scary. If you have played this game before, the bleep and bloop sounds will bring back fond memories.

There are 3 different control schemes which can be used, classic controls where you manipulate an on-screen joystick and buttons similar to Pac-Man on the iPhone, touch/drag controls, or accelerometer controls. I liked the classic and accelerometer controls, but found the touch/drag controls to be the least functional.

This game has what it takes to keep the player entertained. However, considering the fact that Retro Game Challenge is available on DS, it remains to be seen whether anyone would want to pay for this game on the iPhone. There is nothing wrong with the game. However, the question is whether the game is good enough to attract the gamers. The developers could have at least added some new features to the game to make it more interesting. If you're desperate for some space invaders on your iPhone, then this game is worth getting. For everyone else though, there is nothing new here, and not much point in getting the game.
by: Dan Fletcher

PT. Bali Casa

Nama Perusahaan : PT. Bali Casa
Judul Lowongan : PT. Bali Casa
Posisi : IT Staff, Junior Accountant, Junior Assistant, Programmer
Batas Pengiriman : 24 Juni 2009
Keterangan : Villa based in Seminyak-Bali is looking for :

1. IT Staff (Networking, Linux, Computer troubleshoot, etc)
2. Junior Accountant
3. Junior Assistant
4. Programmer (Java Programming, Web Development, PHP, Photoshop, Linux, etc)

Requirements :
1. Hardworking
2. Good personality
3. Able to work in a team
4. Able to work in Bali

Send your CV and all applicants to

Banana Raisin Blend

Bukan rahasia lagi jika saat menjelang pertandingan, para atlit kelas dunia menyantap pisang guna mendongkrak energi dan tenaga untuk bertanding. Pisang yang sarat gula alami memang menyediakan energi spontan. Sementara, kandungan kaliumnya (potassium), mampu meningkatkan gerakan refleks otot.

Kalium merupakan zat mineral pembentuk larutan elektrolit dalam tubuh. Kalium bekerjasama dengan sodium dan klorida, berperan mengatur jumlah cairan dalam tubuh dan menjaga keseimbangan pendistribusiannya. Kekurangan kalium dapat mengakibatkan fatique (rasa lelah yang parah), otot lemas, gerak refleks lambat, kulit kering dan jerawat. Perubahan suasana hati, seperti depresi, juga bisa diakibatkan karena kekurangan kalium.


Untuk 2 porsi
(waktu persiapan: 10 menit)

2 buah pisang ambon/cavendish
50 g kismis
150 ml yaghurt tawar
150 ml air es
½ sdt cokelat bubuk

Cara membuat:

Bekukan pisang yang masih berkulit dalam freezer selama 2 jam. Kupas, potong-potong.
Masukkan pisang, kismis, yoghurt, dan air es ke dalam mangkuk blender. Proses hingga lembut.
Tuangkan ke dalam gelas saji. Taburi dengan bubuk cokelat. Sajikan segera.

sumber : conectique

Students shame Cambridge University on Suicide Sunday

Cambridge University end-of-exams party "Suicide Sunday" lived up to its reputation with students collapsing in the streets after downing excessive amounts of alcohol Passers-by were shocked to see rowdy bikini-clad students struggling to stand up and vomiting at midday on a Sunday afternoon.

This year for the first time in 80 years the garden party, organised by the Wyverns, an all-male Magdalene College drinking society, had to be held in a new location after officials banned students from holding the event on university land.he decision was made after a 23-year-old student was arrested during the infamous jelly wrestling contest for punching a spectator.

Extra security and police were also drafted in this time to patrol the party, whilst other college parties elsewhere in Cambridge were cancelled.

But despite the new venue the end-of-exams celebration followed the same format with a blazers and bikini theme, and riotous drinking games.

"The way the students were behaving was absolutely disgusting," said one passer-by.

"It was only midday on Sunday and there were lots of families and young people around enjoying the sunshine.

"The students were lying across the verges, lots of them were vomiting and they were singing rowdy drinking songs.

"I understand they want to celebrate the end of their exams but they were completely out of control."

Hundreds of students turned up to the event which has traditionally been held in Trinity Old Field but was this year held in the grounds of Anstey Hall, a restored seventeenth century manor house in the sleepy Cambridgeshire village of Trumpington, three miles away from the university.

Many had to be carried or helped away from the five hour party and the police stepped in to help one party-goer who collapsed on a verge.

The highlight of the day was the jelly wrestling contest, with hundreds gathering to watch bikini-clad female students battle it out for a £250 prize.

Some garden parties were cancelled this year as college authorities have become extra wary of binge drinking.

The Newnham Nuns' garden party was cancelled by the college and many students were forced to hold initiations in secret.

Natasha Wear, president of the Newnham Nuns, said: "The college needed to be seen to be doing something to combat the problem of binge drinking."


Monday, June 15, 2009

Staf Pengajar (Dosen) Politeknik Batam

Politeknik Batam adalah sebuah lembaga
pendidikan profesional yang hadir untuk
memenuhi jawaban atas tingginya tingkat
kebutuhan lulusan tenaga ahli madya di Pulau
Batam, saat ini membuka kesempatan berkarir
bagi anak bangsa yang mempunyai komitmen
tinggi dalam bidang pendidikan profesional di
tanah air untuk posisi staf pengajar (Dosen)
dengan kualifikasi sebagai berikut :

Kualifikasi Umum (harus dipenuhi untuk semua posisi) :

- Lulusan S2 (diutamakan), /S1/DIV dari PTN atau PTS terkemuka
- IPK minimal 2,80
- TOEFL minimal 500
- Memiliki pengalaman mengajar di perguruan tinggi, minimal pernah menjadi
asisten dosen (diutamakan)
- Memiliki pengalaman Penelitan Terapan (nilai tambah)
- Memiliki dedikasi & motivasi mengajar tinggi
- Bisa bekerja dalam team maupun mandiri
- Bersedia ditempatkan di kota Batam - Prov. Kepulauan Riau

Kualifikasi Khusus :
A. Program studi Teknik Informatika
- Lulusan dari : Sistem Informasi, Teknik Informatika, Teknik Komputer, Ilmu
Komputer, Teknik Telekomunikasi.
- Menguasai administrasi email server, web server, linux (nilai tambah).
- Mempunyai sertifikat CCNA (nilai tambah)
- Menguasai penggunaan aplikasi di bidang multi media, Database Oracle,Pemograman Java (nilai tambah)

B. Program studi Teknik Elektronika
- Lulusan Teknik Elektronika jurusan : Arus Kuat, Arus Lemah / Telekomunikasi
- Menguasai salah satu keahlian (nilai tambah) :
1.PLC, Pneumatik / electro Pneumatic $ Hidrolic, kendali
motor(Arus Kuat)
2.Teknik switching Digital, teknik transmisi, mikrokontroller, networking(routing)
-Menguasai salah satu bahasa pemograman

C. Program studi Akuntansi
- Lulusan Ekonomi jurusan : Akuntansi
- Memiliki sertifikasi khusus di bidang manajemen / accounting (nilai tambah)

Surat lamaran beserta biodata lengkap dan pas foto terbaru dapat dikirim via pos ke alamat :

Bagian Sumber Daya Manusia (SDM) Politeknik Batam
Parkway street, Batam Centre – Batam 29461
Provinsi Kepulauan Riau
atau melalui email ke alamat
Surat lamaran diterima paling lambat tanggal 12 Juli 2009 (cap pos)
* Hanya pelamar yang memenuhi kualifikasi yang akan dipanggil untuk mengikuti tes.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lemon & Lime Sauce

Keluarga jeruk terkenal kaya akan vitamin C, terutama jeruk lemon dan jeruk nipis. Memang banyak jenis buah selain jeruk yang kaya vitamin C. Namun, kelebihan jeruk terletak pada suatu senyawa tambahan yang tidak dimiliki oleh buah lain. Yakni senyawa limonin dan limonen. Kedua senyawa ini berkhasiat membantu memblokir perubahan sel yang mengarah pada penyakit kanker. Vitamin C pada jeruk juga dipercaya sarat akan senyawa super antioksidan. Artinya, senyawa ini mampu menangkal radikal bebas, penyebab kanker, mengurangi resiko terkena penyakit jantung, dan menunda proses penuaan dini.berikut resep LEMON & LIME SAUCE


Untuk 2 porsi
(waktu persiapan: 10 menit)
125 g gula pasir
100 ml air
1 sdm kulit jeruk lemon yang diiris seperti batang korek api
50 ml air jeruk lemon
1 sdt tepung maizena, larutkan dengan sedikit air
1 buah jeruk sunkist, potong menurut juringnya

Cara membuat:
(waktu memasak: 10 menit)
Jerang gula pasir dan air hingga gula meleleh. Tambahkan kulit jeruk lemon dan air jeruk lemon.
Masukkan larutan tepung maizena. Aduk hingga saus kental. Angkat dan biarkan hingga dingin.
Tambahkan jeruk sunkist, aduk rata. Simpan dalam wadah bertutup rapat.TIPS SEHAT
Untuk menambah manfaat jeruk, gunakan kulitnya ke dalam masakan atau saus. Selain menambah aroma masakan, kulit jeruk mengandung 65% senyawa limonen.

sumber : conectique

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Blogger Templates for your Blog

saat ini mengedit blog banyak sekali menawarkan fitur-fitur instan yang bisa langsung kita aplikasikan pada halaman blog kita setelah googling sana kemari ternyata dapet juga Free Blogger Templates.
Blog saya templatesnya dapet dari situs ini lho! wehehhe menurutku dah bagus biar kesan blog nya ga kentara, xixixixi. Banyak banget pilihannya tinggal pilih sesuai selera. saya pilih ini coz adem banget em buat yang mau cari-cari Free Blogger Templates MonggO di Free Blogger Templates for your Blog


Bagi yang ingin Registrasi Online Calon Pegawai PT Pertamina (Persero). Untuk Gelombang ke 3 tahun 2009 ini bisa mendaftarkan diri pada >>> PT Pertamina (Persero) <<<

Resep Batagor Isi Ikan/Udang/Daging/Ayam

Batagor cihuy ini resepna ..

Bahan :
6 potong tahu putih
250 gram udang kupas, cincang halus
1 batang daun bawang, iris halus
3 siung bawang putih, cincang halus
½ sdt garam
¼ sdt merica bubuk
8 sdm tepung kanji,
200 ml air es
Minyak untuk menggoreng
Pelengkap :
kecap manis
saus cabai
saus kacang (bisa pakai bumbu pecel)
jeruk limau
Cara membuat :
Campur udang dan air es, uleni sampai adonan tercampur rata. Tambahkan tepung kanji, daun bawang, bawang putih, merica dan garam, aduk rata.
Potong tahu secara diagonal masing-masing menjadi 2 bagian (bentuk segitiga). Lubangi potongan tahu ditengahnya, sisihkan remah-remahnya. Campurkan adonan untuk isi tahu dengan remah-remah tahu, lalu isikan adonan tersebut ke dalam tahu. Lakukan hingga semua tahu terisi, sisihkan.
Panaskan minyak goreng, lalu goreng tahu isi hingga kecoklatan, lalu angkat, tiriskan, sisihkan.
Taruh batagor yang sudah digoreng di atas piring saji, biarkan utuh atau potong-potong, tuang saus kacang di atasnya. Hidangkan dengan saus cabai dan kecap manis, lalu beri perasan air jeruk limau.

sumber : resepdekap

The Lord of the Rings™, The Battle for Middle-earth™ II

Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-Earth II: The Rise of the Witch-King expands the universe Tolkien created. This expansion pack to the fan favorite game series lets you command the rise of evil in Middle-earth while experiencing the epic battles that took place before the films. Become the leader of an evil faction and lead an invasion of the peaceful kingdom of Arnor, home of Aragorn's ancestors. To fully experience the evil side of Middle-earth, gamers can now play as the all new Angmar faction in skirmish, multiplayer, and War of the Ring modes.


Intel Pentium 1.6 GHz or equivalent
512 MB
Video Memory:
64 MB
Hard Drive Space:
3000 MB
The game only officially supports cards with ATI (Radeon 8500 or greater) and NVIDIA chipsets, as well as Intel GMA 900 and GMA 950 products. Radeon 9200 PCI, Radeon 9250 PCI and the GeForce 4 MX are not supporte

Friday, June 12, 2009


Judul Lowongan : PT. FILLOMATIC GLOBAL Industries
Batas Pengiriman : 1 Juli 2009

Keterangan : URGENTLY
We are the leading company which specialize in total automated packaging machineries & robotic system. We invite you to join our prestigious team as :

-D3 / S1 Electrical
-Male max. 28th
-Have knowlage n experience to make panel
-Have experience in related field ( fresh graduated are welcome )
-Willing to place in Sidoarjo

2. Service Personal (SP)
-D3 / S1 Mechanical / Mechatronic
-Male max. 28th
-Must be fluently in English (active)
-Self confidence
-Height min.165 cm
-Have knowlage electrical (PLC)
-Computer literate skill Ms.word, excel, email, internet & Ms.project (preferable)
-Have experience in related field ( fresh graduated are welcome )
-Willing to place in Jakarta

-S1 Mechanical
-Male max. 28th
-Must be fluently in English
-Self confidence
-Height min.165 cm
-Have knowlage electrical (PLC)
-Have experiences in related field ( fresh graduated are welcome )
-Willing to place in Jakarta

-S1 Mechanical
-Male max. 32th
-Familiar with Desain, Solidwork & Pro Engineering
-Must be fluently in English
-Have experiences 1 years in related field
-Willing to place in Sidoarjo

-S1 Electrical / Mechanical
-Male / Female max. 30th
-Interes and familiar with robotic
-Robotic integreted analist system
-Have experiences 1 years in related field
-Willing to place in Sidoarjo

Please send your application to:

PT. FILLOMATIC GLOBAL Industries Jl. Berbek Industri VII No.1 SIDOARJO
Email :
Write position code & location on the email subject and send your application before 01 Juli 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cara Hilangkan Kebiasaan Anak Ngemil

MEMBIASAKAN anak sarapan membuat si kecil tercukupi asupan gizinya. Masalah gizi anak sebaiknya mendapatkan perhatian khusus melihat masih sering munculnya kesalahpahaman orang tua terhadap hal ini.

"Ada tiga masalah gizi,yaitu kurang gizi, kelebihan gizi dan salah gizi yang memiliki indikasi dan akibat yang berbeda-beda," tutur ahli gizi yang juga berpraktik di Siloam Semanggi Specialist Clinic Jakarta, dr Fiastuti Witjaksono MS, SpGK.

Untuk menghindarinya, komposisi seimbang antara karbohidrat (45-65 persen), protein (10-25 persen), lemak (30 persen) dan berbagai macam vitamin lain mutlak harus diberikan kepada anak yang pada akhirnya dapat membantu untuk mengoptimalkan pertumbuhan fisik, perkembangan otak, kepandaian dan kematangan sosial.

Fiastuti menuturkan, apabila anak melakukan sarapan yang baik, sangat berpengaruh pada kesehatan anak yang otomatis akanmemengaruhi keseharian mereka.

"Jika sarapan dilakukan anak, maka yang bermanfaat untuk anak, berkaitan dengan akademisnya ialah bermanfaat terhadap fungsi kognitif, daya ingat, nilai akademis, tingkat kehadiran di sekolah, fungsi psikososial dan kondisi perasaan si anak," ujar Fiastuti yang juga staf luar biasa pada Departemen Ilmu Gizi Klinik Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia.

Apabila sarapan tidak sempat, disarankan Fiastuti untuk menyiapkan sarapan yang dijadikan bekal bagi anak. Karena makan pagi dalam porsi yang cukup juga akan menghilangkan kebiasaan jajan pada anak.

"Dengan sarapan, maka juga bisa mengurangi kebiasaan anak untuk jajan," ucap ahli gizi kelahiran Yogyakarta, 7 Februari 1954 ini.

"Kebiasaan jajan biasanya dimulai dari pola makan keluarga dan salah satu cara adalah membuat 'kudapan tandingan' yang tak kalah enak dari jajanan yang dapatdibeli di luar," tutur pakar tumbuh kembang lain, Dra Mayke Tedjasaputra. Orang tua sebaiknya membuat variasi bekal yang menarik dan inspirasional dalam bentuk, penataan, dan rasa.

Bekal yang praktis dan mudah dibawa akan membuat anak tertarik dan pada akhirnya memakan bekal tersebut. Dengan ini, para orang tua dapat memastikan bahwa anak mereka telah mengonsumsi asupan gizi sesuai dengan jumlah yang disarankan.

"Kegiatan jajan bagi anak adalah suatu kebiasaan, dan merupakan pengalaman yang menyenangkan bagi mereka. Dan tidak mudah untuk mengubah pola kebiasaan jajan ini," ujar psikolog yang mengikuti course on theraplay di Institute of Theraplay Chicago ini.

Kebiasaan jajan anak bisa saja ditimbulkan dari kebiasaan keluarga, selain itu juga dari tetangga, sekolah, bahkan dari iklan-iklan yang sangat gencar di televisi yang membuat anak semakin tertarik untuk jajan di luar.

"Batasi permintaan anak untuk jajan,baik di rumah maupun di sekolah, atau bisa juga membatasi uang jajannya," pesan Mayke.

Fiastuti menyarankan untuk mengajarkan anak makan itu sejak anak berusia enam bulan. Dan untuk membuat anak gemar makanan padat, maka ajarkan secara bertahap. Dimulai dari susu, bubur kacang hijau sampai pada makanan yang padat seperti nasi.

Menginjak usia yang lebih besar, biasanya anak suka makanan yang gurih. Nasi goreng atau mi goreng biasanya menjadi menu favorit si kecil. Pertanyaannya amankan konsumsi mi, khususnya mi instan buat anak? Sebenarnya tak masalah membuat menu sarapan dari mi.

Hanya Anda harus mengkreasikan dengan menambah unsur serat seperti sayur dan protein seperti telur. Masaklah mi dengan tambahan sayuran wortel, brokoli, atau bayam plus telur mata sapi.

sumber : okezone

The Reader

Pertemuan antara Michael Berg (David Kross) dan Hanna (Kate Winslet) memang tak pernah direncanakan. Mereka berdua bertemu saat Hanna menolong Michael yang jatuh sakit saat pulang dari sekolah. Setelah cukup sehat Michael kembali pulang namun ia kemudian datang lagi untuk mengucapkan terima kasih.

Berawal dari pertemuan ini Michael dan Hanna mulai menjalin hubungan yang lebih jauh meski usia Hanna sebenarnya jauh lebih tua dari Michael. Saat itu Hanna sudah berusia tiga puluhan sementara Michael baru berusia lima belas tahun. Michael sering membacakan cerita buat Hanna dan di sini pula ia pertama kali mengenal seks. Namun hubungan ini tak berjalan lama karena tiba-tiba saja Hanna menghilang tanpa memberitahu Michael.

Delapan tahun berlalu dan Michael kemudian menikah sementara ia mengambil kuliah hukum. Suatu ketika, Michael yang mendalami kasus peradilan para penjahat perang (Nazi) bertemu Hanna lagi. Yang agak mengejutkan adalah bahwa Hanna kali ini sedang diadili atas pembantaian tiga ratus orang dalam kamp konsentrasi di mana ia bekerja.

Meski terancam hukuman yang berat namun Hanna menolak membela diri dan Michael akhirnya sadar bahwa wanita yang pertama kali mengenalkannya pada cinta ini menyembunyikan satu rahasia besar yang tak mungkin diungkapkannya. Meskipun rahasia itu bisa saja membebaskannya dari ancaman hukuman.

Film hasil arahan sutradara Stephen Daldry ini adalah sebuah adaptasi dari novel karya Bernhard Schlink dengan judul yang sama. Beberapa kota di Jerman diambil sebagai lokasi pengambilan gambar untuk membuat suasana pasca perang di Jerman terlihat lebih realistis.

Belakangan ini banyak film yang berkisah seputar Nazi. Sebut saja INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS dan VALKYRIE yang juga mencoba mengungkap sejarah kelam ini. Ada satu hal yang membedakan THE READER ini dari film-film Nazi yang lain, film ini mencoba mengungkap sisi 'manusiawi' dari kisah dalam sejarah yang mungkin sama sekali tak manusiawi ini.

Memang ide cerita yang diusung film ini cukup kontroversial. Sulit rasanya membayangkan untuk bersimpati pada seorang pelaku pembantaian seperti yang ditawarkan oleh film ini. Namun terlepas dari itu, film ini digarap dengan sangat baik dan menjadikan film drama yang penuh dengan flash back dan bertempo lamban ini jadi cukup memanjakan mata.

Tiga pemeran kunci dalam film ini (Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes dan David Kross) pun bermain dengan sangat bagus dan meyakinkan meski mungkin sulit juga membayangkan kondisi emosional yang dirasakan orang pasca pembantaian Nazi ini. Satu lagi yang mungkin layak dijadikan renungan adalah kenyataan bahwa dalam hidup orang sering kali tak berani mengatakan 'tidak' pada sebuah masyarakat yang mayoritas mengatakan 'ya'. Atau mungkin itu juga yang ingin disampaikan film ini dan bukannya sekedar film tentang Nazi semata

Pemain: Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes, David Kross, Alexandra Maria Lara, Lena Olin