Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shanghai Bund Area Expanded

SHANGHAI, - The planners of Shanghai City, China, the expressed will expand the development area of The Bund which is connected with the financial center, business, cultural, and historic buildings that have been renovated and residential community.
According to the blueprint for this project, as quoted by the Shanghai Daily said Friday (16/7/10), development in the southern region (the end of The Bund), especially in downtown Huangpu District, will become the next focus following the northern area in Hongkou District, which was built and connected in the shipping business.

"Horizon River in Puxi will be sharpened again. This will become more energetic and friendly environment," said Gu Jun, Deputy Director of Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Research Institute who compiled this project design.
Regions Financial The Bund stretches along 4.8 km of the Suzhou Creek to the Expo in Shanghai Puxi area, and an area of 2.6 km2. This area previously branches of international banks and trading companies in the early 20th century.
The government plans to double the commercial area which is currently 2.3 km2. The financial center will be connected to the newly opened promenade, the beautiful and hospitable to tourists as Avenue des Champs d'Elysees in Paris, France.
This area is expected to be three parts, yait banks, trade centers, office buildings, hotels, old buildings, and docks Shiliupu, the region 150-year-old marina and reused after changing faces.

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