Sunday, July 18, 2010

Want to order Child Haircut

If your child does not want to be taken to the hairdresser or barber, cut hair at home only. Father or mother may be a hair dresser trying out a skill. Gratitude-great if you have acquaintances barber or beauty shop child-friendly staff and willing to be called to the house. Usually a child more willing to work together in a familiar environment.

Give an example. Be a model for the toddler before her hair cut. After knowing that the haircut does not hurt, of his fear will subside.

Explain, and long hair will grow back after cutting. Many children worry, her hair can not grow again after cutting.

Tell the child that he is a king or queen who should sit on the throne. Put a chair that has been decorated with the bed linen and toys to make it look beautiful in the yard. This means that children can enjoy the scenery and not too concentrated on the hair. The bathroom can also be transformed into a nice salon. Create yet another role that fit a bathroom setting.

Then, wrap a small towel or cloth on her neck. URLs king's robe / queen majestic. However, do not force the child if it does not want to wear them.

Try to keep the process of cutting the hair done in a flash. Hair stuck to the face will make him itch. "Cloak" which envelops the neck will also create a sultry. Children so do not feel at home.

Find the right time. Never cut the hair at the time the child is angry, cranky, hungry, or tired. Instead of going his hair cut, she would rebel.

If parents are still intends to bring the child to a salon, choose child-friendly salon. Officers must understand the behavior of a toddler and his salon atmosphere should make your child feel at home.


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